Obama’s Rejection Of Keystone XL Points To Political Motives

By: Brigham A. McCown Pipelines are among the safest modes of transporting hazardous materials across long distances and the rules regarding construction are clearly mandated through regulations. In the case of the Keystone XL pipeline, we have seen a routine infrastructure project turned into a political farce. TransCanada has been waiting over six years to obtain necessary …

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The Biggest Energy Mistake in 2014

Keystone pipeline, keystone XL

Originally posted on Forbes. Not a single national infrastructure project under consideration today will do more to advance North American energy independence than Keystone XL. If energy independence is in the national interest, than Keystone XL deserves to be approved. Not only has the Keystone pipeline project become the most scrutinized energy infrastructure project of …

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Keystone pipeline back in spotlight with GOP win, looming court case

keystone, kxl, keystone pipeline, keystone XL

By: Ben Wolfgang After dragging on for six years, the political football game that is the Keystone XL pipeline debate finally is entering the fourth quarter. A confluence of events — a looming court decision in Nebraska and the GOP capturing full control of Congress in the midterm elections last week — will force President …

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Why Keystone XL Still Matters – 6 Years and Counting

Today marks the six year anniversary for TransCanada’s application for a presidential permit to build the remaining portion of the Keystone Pipeline system, better known as Keystone XL. After six long years of pushing paper in Washington, political rhetoric, and redundant studies, we still have inadequate infrastructure to manage the growing supply of crude oil …

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Recycled Keystone XL Report Doesn’t Add Up

The U.S. arm of the Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI) has been making news this week with a ‘new’ report claiming the Obama Administration drastically underestimated carbon emissions of the proposed Keystone XL pipeline.  The report seeks to make the case as to why the final portion of the Keystone pipeline system should not be built. …

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