The European Energy Journal, a top-tier quarterly journal focused on reporting developments in foreign energy law and policy, has featured Nouveau, Inc.’s latest report examining infrastructure challenges and opportunities in the European Union (EU).

The report, “Energy (Dis)Union: Challenges and Opportunities in Europe’s Emerging Energy Market,” authored by Brigham McCown, Chairman and CEO of Nouveau, examines the significant role the United States can play in alleviating the EU’s infrastructure challenges, ultimately bolstering energy security in the EU and strengthening our economy here at home.

“There is an increasing demand for American resources, including natural gas, from our allies in the EU,” said McCown. “The U.S. has an incredible opportunity to help the EU diversify its energy supplies, which can aid this region in reducing its dependence on fuel sources from politically hostile countries like Russia. It can also spur significant economic gains stateside by expanding America’s role in the international marketplace. We have the most competitive energy market in the world. This report acknowledges this new reality and identifies ways in which the U.S. can use our historic capabilities to assist the EU in bolstering diplomacy and modernizing its energy infrastructure.”

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