According to data released last week, holiday shopping sales in 2014 grew. That’s good news for the economy, and it suggests American consumers are feeling optimistic about the future. But behind the scenes, the uptick in sales was made possible by the dedicated men and women who make our modern transportation sector function. As our economy continues to turn the corner, we must ensure these workers are equipped to meet growing demand in a way that is not only more efficient than it’s been in the past, but also safe.

One area on which Congress should focus is the less than truckload (LTL) freight market. LTL freight is responsible for serving more than 9 million customers every day across the U.S. Professional drivers rely on twin trailers which measure 28 feet – significantly shorter than the full-length or “long haul” 53-foot trailers many motorists are familiar seeing – to take goods from manufacturers to distribution centers and on to retail outlets. As the demand for LTL freight delivery continues to grow, the industry has adopted significant safety upgrades, yet the sector hasn’t realized commensurate gains in productivity.

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