Bridging the gap between fossil energy sources and renewables is perhaps the greatest technological challenge facing Americans this century. Global awareness, health and environmental concerns, geo-political instability, and raw entrepreneurism are all driving U.S. efforts to build a new, cleaner, and more diversified energy economy. Such challenges are being addressed in a collaborative fashion as America continues to innovate in areas where other countries have stumbled.

In recent decades, business-friendly regulations and incentives sparked a boom in investment in solar and wind generation. Today, solar and wind currently constitute a third of all renewable energy produced each year in the United States. By setting the stage for investment, the country is poised to make even further use of emerging renewable innovation.

Unfortunately, the transportation and storage technologies needed for the full exploitation of these vital new resources remains for now, inadequate. Consumers large and small require consistent, dependable, and affordable access to energy. Faced with the ebbs and flows characteristic of solar and wind fuels means that for the immediate future, the superior reliability of fossil energy remains unchallenged.

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