Energy Envy: Securing The National Energy Grid

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Safeguarding and protecting the country’s integrated power grid requires vigilance. Americans rely upon electricity to conduct nearly every aspect of daily life. In today’s modern world, constantly evolving threats of both nature and man, necessitates increased investment in modernizing and protecting this infrastructure. While the overall state of the nation’s energy grid is safe and …

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Can The New Congress Save Our Aging Infrastructure?

The 2014 elections marked a shift in American politics. With the results clearly demonstrating a need for change and progress in Washington, elected leaders drew together this week to assemble goals for the 114thCongress. Many government officials are calling for infrastructure improvements as a primary focus for next year. Reauthorization of surface transportation programs, including …

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Keystone pipeline back in spotlight with GOP win, looming court case

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By: Ben Wolfgang After dragging on for six years, the political football game that is the Keystone XL pipeline debate finally is entering the fourth quarter. A confluence of events — a looming court decision in Nebraska and the GOP capturing full control of Congress in the midterm elections last week — will force President …

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Gains by GOP lift prospects for oil industry wish list

By: Jennifer A. Dlouhy WASHINGTON – Republicans emboldened by their Election Day victories are poised to use their new power on Capitol Hill to advance oil and gas industry priorities, beginning with approving the Keystone XL pipeline. Supporters of that TransCanada Corp. project now count a filibuster-proof 61 votes in the Senate for legislation authorizing …

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