McCown: Flint disaster runs deeper than tainted water


As lawmakers continue debating federal aid for those affected by the drinking water crisis in Flint, the city’s residents are still struggling with the effects of poor public policy decisions. Perhaps the most significant policy impacts resulting from the crisis are an increased focus on the vital importance of safe drinking water, the acute need …

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What’s Really Causing Your Delayed Commute?

Train station with people waiting on it

Emergency repairs and ongoing delays have become a commonality for East Coast railway commuters For example, the New Jersey Transit system recently displaced thousands of commuters, attributing the delay to electrical power difficulties according to The New York Times. Rail repairs in Maryland due to leaks from winter soil erosion and several instances of a stalled …

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Energy Envy: Securing The National Energy Grid

Energy cost, energy bills, utility bills, brigham mccown

Safeguarding and protecting the country’s integrated power grid requires vigilance. Americans rely upon electricity to conduct nearly every aspect of daily life. In today’s modern world, constantly evolving threats of both nature and man, necessitates increased investment in modernizing and protecting this infrastructure. While the overall state of the nation’s energy grid is safe and …

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Will P3s Build the Future?


In recent weeks, President Obama spoke in Delaware, highlighting the need to expand and improve our nation’s transportation infrastructure, embracing the growing trend of public-private partnerships, or P3s. In fact, he recently created the “Build America Transportation Investment Center (BATIC), a Department of Transportation (DOT) effort, helping to connect government agencies and private industries. The …

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