The Future of U.S. Energy


With enormous supplies and massive investments in natural gas and oil in the US, the nation’s domestic supply of energy continues to grow at a record rate. The US is poised to surpass Russia as the world’s largest natural gas producer by 2015. For the first time in nearly 20 years, the United States is …

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Why Billboards Are Important

Huffington Post

Recently, electronic billboards have been popping up alongside America’s roadways, catching the eyes of motorists. The reactions vary wildly. Some opposition has claimed it is inherently distracting, focusing on safety concerns. Other opposition, however, seems to resist all new construction without regard for the support of economic growth or promoting local business. Local regulations exist …

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Securing the Electric Grid: A Decades Old Threat Demands Action Today

As with anything in life, guaranteeing 100 percent absolute security in any situation is simply impossible. When it comes to the nation’s electrical power transmission system, however, reaching the highest attainable level of protection is of critical importance. Unfortunately, since the 1970s – and before – what would be described as “terrorist attacks” against the …

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When Is Enforcement Effective?

On a January day when freezing temperatures outside did nothing to cool the heated rhetoric of Congress, a group of former regulators gathered on Capitol Hill for a pragmatic, nonpartisan discussion of how to best enforce the vast array of government laws and regulations. The timely event, moderated by former Arkansas Senator Blanche Lincoln, was …

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The Best (Or Worst) Laid Airline Plans

Monday’s merger of American Airlines with U.S. Airways, the Nation’s No. 3 and No. 5 carriers respectively, means the new 100,000-employee American, has literally, overnight, become the world’s largest airline company. For now, the new American will still operate as two distinct companies as the integration of U.S. Air with American will take nearly a …

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