A Bright Future for Renewable Energy


Published on Fuel Fix. During the preceding decade, adoption of renewable technologies experienced rapid growth. This advancement is in response to new technologies, available energy storage, policy changes, and greater investment in renewable sources. Renewables, solar and wind power especially, have far surpassed coal and natural gas in industry growth. According to an article in …

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Crude-oil train wrecks raise questions about safety claims


Featured on Los Angeles Times. Four accidents in the last month involving trains hauling crude oil across North America have sent flames shooting hundreds of feet into the sky, leaving some experts worried that public safety risks have been gravely underestimated. Crude trains have crashed in Illinois, West Virginia and twice in Ontario, Canada, forcing …

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Featured on AP. Four trains hauling crude oil have derailed in the U.S. and Canada since mid-February, rupturing tank cars, spilling their contents, polluting waterways and igniting spectacular fires that burned for days. The derailments have deepened safety concerns that if an oil-train accident were to occur in a populated area, the results could be …

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A Third Blast on Oil Trains Stirs Scrutiny


Featured on NYTimes. For the third time in less than a month, a train carrying flammable crude oil has derailed and burst into flames, prompting questions over whether stricter measures being considered to ensure their safety will be enough. All three accidents involved a newer generation of tank cars that are supposed to be sturdier …

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Attention Brought to Oil Tank Car Safety


KULR-8 Television, Billings, MT Featured on KULR 8.   Twenty-three oil train cars derailed in rural Illinois on Thursday, leaving no injuries, according to a Burlington Northern-Santa Fe spokesperson. The cause is still under investigation. The oil train derailing is the third in the past three weeks, including derailments in Missouri and Canada, and it …

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