Should We Allow Further Drilling on Public Land?


When done properly, extraction of natural resources from federal land has helped develop the economy while at the same time providing valuable income to defray the costs of running the federal government. Leases are certainly not new and, according to the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), there are currently over 46,000 active leases on federal …

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Amid Tumbling Oil Prices, Alaska LNG Must Go Forward


The recent free-fall of crude oil prices has affected markets across the globe. Energy companies have responded by scaling back investments as their available capital shrinks. In British Columbia, delays are hampering the Pacific Northwest LNG project. Likewise, in Texas, a liquefaction project has been suspended off its coast by Excelerate Energy. Yet, meanwhile, Alaska …

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Guest opinion: Tank car rules should aim for consensus, expert says


New US tank car rules that could be issued in early 2015 provide an opportunity for government, shippers and equipment makers to work together in advancing the safety of crude and ethanol moved by rail. The new rules from the US Department of Transportation’s (DOT) Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA) will have significant consequences for America’s energy sector and …

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A Tale of Two Unions


Some Europeans may be tempted to celebrate Russia’s recent decision to abandon South Stream, a Black Sea pipeline, conceived to connect Russian gas to centralEurope by way of Bulgaria. Yet, from the U.S. perspective, the Europeans have neither the time, money, nor luxury for schadenfreude. To be sure, the cancellation is momentous.  South Stream was …

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Top Ten Energy Stories of 2014


Originally posted on Forbes.  2014 included headlines of stalled infrastructure projects, concerns over plummeting oil prices, and tough partisan battles over the future of renewables and greenhouse gas emission targets. Yet despite these hurdles, bright spots can be seen on the horizon in the global energy market for 2015, due to the innovation, creation, and …

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