Fund the repair of aging gas pipes


Letter to the editor featured in USAToday: Our nation’s energy infrastructure system is a complex and vast network, comprising over 2.6 million miles of pipelines stretching from coast to coast (“Look out below: Danger lurks underground from aging gas pipes“). While our underground energy pipelines are quite safe, the existing network is beginning to show …

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KQV 1410 Radio Interview

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Pittsburgh Hosts Shale Insight 2014 Conference The Shale Insight 2014 Conference was held in Pittsburgh from September 24th-25th. Former U.S. Energy Transportation Safety Chief and current Chairman and CEO of Nouveau Inc. Brigham McCown was in town for the conference and he talked about what’s on tap on the LiveLine with Joe Fenn. Click here …

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Quarterman, regulator for U.S. oil trains, to step down


By Patrick Rucker (Reuters) – Cynthia Quarterman, the federal regulator who oversaw expansion of the U.S. oil train sector and the fallout from several fiery derailments, will step down, two sources familiar with her intentions said on Wednesday. As administrator of the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA) since November 2009, Quarterman has been …

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America Gets Smart on Energy Efficiency


Water transportation requires an enormous amount of electricity, which only increases as water sources diminish throughout regions plagued with drought. The electric power transmission and distribution system (the grid) is a critical and extraordinarily complex part of our nation’s infrastructure. Reliable electricity service is essential to health, welfare, communication, and commerce. Because of its scale …

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Why Keystone XL Still Matters – 6 Years and Counting


Today marks the six year anniversary for TransCanada’s application for a presidential permit to build the remaining portion of the Keystone Pipeline system, better known as Keystone XL. After six long years of pushing paper in Washington, political rhetoric, and redundant studies, we still have inadequate infrastructure to manage the growing supply of crude oil …

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Could Scotland’s Independence Hinge On Energy?


This Thursday the people of Scotland will choose between remaining in the United Kingdom or going at it alone.  If recent polls are accurate, the referendum will be a toss-up. However, there is still a looming question unanswered; could energy play a role in pushing the undecided one way or another? On a recent drive …

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California Utility PG&E Faces Proposed $1.4 Billion Fine

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After nearly four years of deliberations, a pair of administrative law judges working for California’s Public Utilities Commission (“CPUC”) has recommended a $1.4 billion dollar fine against California’s largest utility for events stemming from a pipeline explosion in San Bruno, a suburb of San Francisco in 2010. The judges wrote four separate decisions, which is …

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