Alaskans Hold the Key to the North Slope


As political shenanigans continue to delay approval of the Keystone XL pipeline, Alaskan voters hold the key to avoiding a similar fate for what could be North America’s largest pipeline project. At an estimated cost of at least $45 billion, the Alaskan LNG natural gas pipeline project will deliver jobs and provide a boost to …

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Will Midterms Move the Needle on Energy Issues?


With congressional elections less than a year away, and the controversial Keystone XL pipeline still on indefinite hold, the pressure is on for vulnerable Democrats. Candidates up for reelection are becoming increasingly aware of the stanch partisanship exhibited in Washington, forcing many to break party lines. This week, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid compared Republican …

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Supreme Court upholds EPA air pollution reduction requirements


This week, President Obama’s environmental agenda gained a victory. The Supreme Court revived a 2011 Environmental Protection Agency regulation, known as the Cross-State Air Pollution Rule, limiting power-plant emissions blowing across state lines. The ruling will now require 28 states to reduce power-plant emissions, which hurt the air-quality in states located downwind. The new regulation …

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