• Safety Expertise

    Brigham McCown is a safety expert with more than 26 years of executive management, legal and operational experience in local and national governments.
  • Litigation Advice

    Experienced advice in federal security and safety regulations, regulated industries and risk mitigation, crisis response and complex private sector litigation.

    Public Speaking

    “As a nation, I think our conversation must recognize the importance that energy does play in our daily lives. Energy is a necessity, not a luxury.”

    -Brigham McCown
    Clinton School of Public Service
    August 2013
  • Policy Expertise

    Brigham McCown is a seasoned public servant and litigator with extensive knowledge on the transportation of hazardous materials. He helped author the PIPES Act of 2006.

The Keystone XL Rejection: Politics Above Process

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TransCanada Corp. announced last week the initiation of one of the largest NAFTA trade claims in history against the United States, valued at $15 billion. The Canadian owner of the Keystone XL pipeline also filed a lawsuit against the administration for costs and losses incurred for what it says was an arbitrary decision against the …

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U.S. Energy Policy Now Reflects Our Energy Reality


From immigration to tax reform, it is natural for public policy to evolve and adapt in response to the current environment and today’s challenges. This month, Congress answered the need for change in its year-end omnibus deal by including language lifting the restrictions on crude oil exports from the United States. By acknowledging the seismic …

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Congress To Lift Export Ban


Congressional negotiators announced late Tuesday evening that a deal has been reached on the long-awaited government spending bill. Included in the $1.1 trillion bill are provisions to lift the 40-year-old ban on the export of crude oil finally bringing an end to the heavily debated issue. In exchange for lifting the ban, Democrat legislators won …

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Can the U.S. Help Integrate European Energy Markets?


Earlier this year, the European Union (EU) proposed the establishment of an “Energy Union” in order to create a smart, unified energy grid across member States. The goal of this new energy policy is to reduce dependencies on sole suppliers, allow for the free flow of energy across borders, increase efficiency, reduce energy costs and …

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