• Safety Expertise

    Brigham McCown is a safety expert with more than 26 years of executive management, legal and operational experience in local and national governments.
  • Litigation Advice

    Experienced advice in federal security and safety regulations, regulated industries and risk mitigation, crisis response and complex private sector litigation.

    Public Speaking

    “As a nation, I think our conversation must recognize the importance that energy does play in our daily lives. Energy is a necessity, not a luxury.”

    -Brigham McCown
    Clinton School of Public Service
    August 2013
  • Policy Expertise

    Brigham McCown is a seasoned public servant and litigator with extensive knowledge on the transportation of hazardous materials. He helped author the PIPES Act of 2006.

The Lost Energy of Transportation

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Read the full article on Forbes.   With over 50,000 employees and a massive budget, Americans would expect airport security to be a model of efficiency. Unfortunately for all of us, that is simply not the case. Traveling from one city to the next via air involves waiting in lines and shuffling through security checkpoints …

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As Oil Production Soars, So Have Pipeline Leaks

Brigham McCown, pipeline safety expert, train safety expert

Read the full story at DailyNews.com   The oil pipeline leak that fouled a stretch of California coastline this week reflects a troubling trend in the nation’s infrastructure: As U.S. oil production has soared, so has the number of pipeline accidents. Since 2009, the annual number of significant accidents on oil and petroleum pipelines has …

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